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Johnson Matthey Noble Metals has over the years built an enviable reputation, as a trusted and dependable partner. The quality of its sales service, technical expertise and assistance is recognised around the world.

The Noble Metals business is a market leader in the fabrication and refining of a wide range of products made of platinum group metals (PGM). Platinum Group Metals are characterised by their high melting points, resistance to corrosion, electrical conductivity and catalytic activity. PGM are used for a number of applications across a multitude of industries. For example, crucibles for analytical work, spark plug electrodes in the automotive industry and a diversity of sensors are made of PGM. In the production of nitric acid, these alloys are used as catalysts for the oxidation of ammonia. In the glass industry, they provide unequalled resistance to erosion and protect a variety of ceramic substrates including thermocouple sheaths. Finally, PGM are biocompatible and can be found in medical applications such as body implants.
Noble Metals maintains its world leadership by adapting constantly to changing customer needs. Noble Metals was the first to introduce a number of leading edge materials and technologies.

In 1970s, Noble Metals developed ZGS, a grain stabilising process that increase the mechanical strength and durability of platinum alloys.
In 1980s, Noble Metals introduced knitted gauzes (InterLok range) to replace woven catalyst in the production of nitric acid.

In 1990s, ACT® platinum coatings are launched. The technology protects ceramic substrates against glass erosion. This technology has since been enhanced in 2008 allowing the coating of  glass furnace blocks which can significantly extend the lifetime of glass melting furnaces.
In 2000s, Noble Metals established its leadership in the metallurgy of Iridium and its alloys. It is used in a variety of industrial applications like the crystal growth industry.

Most recently the development of nitrous oxide N2O) abatement catalyst technology and a partnership formed with the Norwegian fertiliser producer Yara International, has given Noble Metals a global market leading position in greenhouse gas emissions reduction technology in the nitric acid industry.

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